Rules & Regulations

The Lee Westwood Golf Tour is designed to be an inclusive golf tour for junior golfers allowing them to participate on a level playing field within the sprit and traditions of the game of golf. The tour is actively encouraging the participation of young golfers of all abilities to participate through the use of the CONGU handicap system and rules of the R&A. The following rules are in place to keep equity and high standards for all participants of the tour.

Format of Play: The Lee Westwood Golf Tour – offers juniors from across the UK and Europe the chance to play in ‘Tour’ like events, and the chance to qualify for the Grand Final - the Lee Westwood Golf Tour Players Championship, which is to be played at Lee Westwood’s signature course at Close House. Boys and girls from various age categories will participate in Gross and Nett competitions, and can qualify for Players Championship via either competition.

Play is governed by the 2016 edition of the R & A Rules of Golf and where applicable, by local rules of each hosting golf club, all rules are subject to changes and amendments by the ‘Lee Westwood Golf Tour Rules Committee’.

Tour Players Championship Grand Final: The Gross and Nett winners of each event will be invited to attend the Players Championship. A player from each event will also qualify for the Players Championship via the Secret Score competition (see below). LWGT reserves the right to invite any additional participants to the Players Championship, which may include players outside of the UK.

The cost to attend the Tour Players Championship Grand Final will be £45 per participant.

Secret Score: 5 holes will be randomly selected prior to the start of play but players will not be aware of which 5 holes until after completion of their round. The player with the best gross score on the 5 secret holes will qualify for the final. A little ‘twist’ to keep the interest of competitors, as even with a few bad holes you still may be able to qualify.

Code of Conduct: Players, Caddies and Spectators code of conduct includes: Disrespect of or to volunteers, officials or fellow competitors, club throwing, abusive language, cheating, abuse to the golf course or the facilities including littering or undue mess in either the clubhouse or changing rooms; or any other conduct unbecoming of a golfer. Lee Westwood Golf Tour reserves the right to ban or remove a player, caddie or spectator, from thee, or any future event with no refund offered.

Dress Code: All players, Parents, Spectators and Caddies are expected to try and dress as professionally as possible (as a tour player would). Golf attire is expected, collared shirt and trousers and or skirt for girls. Short shorts, swimwear, denim of any kind, hooded tops, t-shirts and tank tops are not permitted. Players and caddies are expected to wear suitable shoes both on and off the course, with trainers not permitted. Players, caddies and spectators may be asked to leave the golf club premises if incorrect attire is worn for a LWGT event, the event organiser working on behalf of the LWGT or golf club staff retains the right to ask any person to leave should he/she see fit.

Smoking & Alcohol: Smoking and alcohol consumption by players or caddies is not permitted during the event: A player shall be disqualified if found to be using either of the above.

Distance Measuring Device: Measuring devices for distance ONLY may be used in tour events. Slope adjusting devices will not be permitted, and any player found using them will be disqualified from the event.

Electronic Devices: Mobile phones, headphones, pagers, mp3 players (ipods) and the like may not be used during play. First offense: 2 stroke penalty; Second offense: Disqualification. Note: All persons present at the event may use a mobile phone to call for medical help at any time during the event.

Starting Times/Late to Tee: If a player arrives at his tee, ready to play, within five minutes of his starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is two strokes at the first hole. If a player arrives at the tee more than five minutes after the starting time the player shall be disqualified (Rule 6.3a)

Pace of Play: Players are encouraged to play without any undue delay, it is suggested that each player has 35 seconds in which to hit a shot from the time they reach their ball and it is determined that it is that players shot. Caddies are encouraged to not over help a player but aid in the speed of play for all competitors. Caddies are encouraged to ball spot, attend flags, and aid each player in the completion of the round of golf in a timely fashion. All players have a duty to themselves, other members of their playing group, all other competitors and other golfers on the day of competition to keep up a good pace of play, if a group is seen to have fallen off the pace of play and a club official or LWGT official has to usher the group on each player may receive a shot penalty at conclusion of play if no concerted effort is put in to get back up with the speed of play.

Result of the Competition: Not until the events score cards have been collected, checked and posted on the LWGT website will the result of the event become official and final, even at this stage amendments by tour HQ can be made.

Trolleys: Trolleys are permitted for use unless prohibited by the golf club under their local rules of the day; event officials will inform competitors of any such rules.

Golf Buggies: are not permitted for use by players or caddies during any event unless (a) golf club rules dictate that all competitors must use buggies for speed of play purposes or (b) a player or caddy requires the use of a buggy for medical reasons, to which a doctor's letter may need to be produced prior to play.

Parents and Caddies Guide: Parents/ Caddies are there to help and guide in a non-intrusive non-coaching capacity. The Tour feels it is important for the development of a golfer to have some form of support on the course and caddies can also help with keeping a good pace of play.

Caddie/Parent Policy:

  • Are encouraged to ensure all players have the correct equipment (14 clubs max), including golf shoes and waterproofs for each event
  • Are to ensure players have enough food and drinks for the duration of the round of golf
  • Are encouraged to ensure all players keep up with speed of play
  • Aid players with the rules of golf (R&A) where required (The Tour recommends that if a rule is required and no rules person or rules book is available the 2 ball rule is adopted. Where by a player plays 2 balls one from the original position and one following what is thought to be the correct procedure. Both balls scores are recorded and the rule can be clarified at the end of play by an official)
  • Aid players with bag transportation, flag attendance on the greens and ball searches no additional coaching, including lining and setting up will be permitted
  • No help on yardages or club selections is permitted – players learn best from their own errors
  • Are to aid and encourage in, replacing divots, raking bunkers and repairing of pitch marks on greens and general golfing etiquette
  • Are encouraged to ensure each competitor is behaving as a LWGT player should
  • Are encourage to report any unsporting behaviour to the event organiser/volunteer or LWGT committee at the conclusion of play
  • Are encouraged to help all competitors in the search for golf balls
  • Are to be supportive and respectful of tour volunteers and golf club staff
  • Are encouraged to set a high standard of behaviour and integrity for all young players to look up to and aspire to
  • Are to enjoy watching/accompanying their son/daughter around the golf course

Spectator Policy: At any of the tour events, only caddies and parents are permitted to advise their players during play as stipulated above. All other supporters should remain a minimum of 50 yards away, with no interaction with players unless necessary e.g. in aiding the players find a golf ball, or if a player is injured or ill.

Deciding Ties: Ties for 1st place will be decided with a card play off in the following order, back 9, back 6, back 3 holes, last hole, 18 hole match play starting from hole one, If a there is still a tie each player shall be awarded first place for the event of the day and shall be rewarded as such.

Categories of Players: The following are the various categories players can participate in, all playing categories are decided by the players’ age on the 1st of January in the year of competition. All competitors must have a handicap of 28 and less for boys and 36 and less for girls. Competitors will compete in both Gross and Nett competitions in the following categories:

Category 1: Under 21 - (must be 20 or under on the first of January 2017)
Category 2: Under 17 - (must be 16 or under on the first of January 2017)
Category 3: Under 21 – Girls (only) Gross - (must be 20 or under on the first of January 2017)

Please note Girls will compete in the same competitions for all Nett events as boys, and have equal chance of qualifying for the Players Championship.

On average in the UK 14% of golfers are female, whilst encouraging as many girls to participate as possible the LWGT realise that participation levels for girls in the LWGT may be low, as a result a decision has been made to combine the categories with both boys and girls participating in the same events. All players are eligible to play in both the Gross and Nett events with OOM points being distributed for Nett scores in all categories of play and for an Under 21 age category for girls only Gross. The following rule will be used for participating females;

Girls participating: will play off the ladies tees of the day and their gross score will, if necessary, be adjusted to compensate for any difference in SSS (Standard Scratch Score) between the two sets of tees. (For example, a girl shooting a gross 77, will be adjusted to a 75, should the Ladies SSS be two strokes higher than the men’s tees of the day, and handicap remains the same. This will align the girls score with the men’s and base the scores solely on the score to the SSS) Nett scores will be calculated in the same way and the girls will be positioned with in the results of the following any adjustments. The actual girls score from the day will be used for handicap qualifying purposes.

Tee of the day: Participants will play off the following tees: White (or competition tee) for all boys categories, with all girls playing off the ladies (red) tee of the day. There may be occasions where the boys play from the men’s yellow tees if this is deemed necessary by the tour committee (no advance warning may be given).

Signals for Suspension and Resumption of Play: If play is suspended by one long siren or horn blast or verbal direction by an event official, the player must immediately discontinue play and look for shelter, the player must mark their ball with a tee or ball marker, allowing the player to continue from their last position of play on the resumption of play. All practice areas are closed until the committee has declared them open for use. Penalty for breach of this rule is disqualification.

Suspension of play for reasons other than dangerous situations (darkness, fog, etc.) will be made with three short blasts of a horn. Players in a group may decide whether to finish the hole they are playing but they may not start another hole. The choice to finish the hole is an individual decision. A player within the group may choose to finish the hole while others choose to wait until play has resumed. It is the player’s responsibility to be ready when play resumes. It will be signaled by two short siren blasts repeated or verbal direction. All players failing to start play on time after a delay will be disqualified.

Players may discontinue play and seek shelter if they believe there is dangerous weather (lightning) regardless of whether a siren has been heard. The player must report to the committee as soon as practical. Bad weather (rain, wind, temperature extremes etc.) is not itself a good reason for discontinuing play. The LWGT Rules Committee makes all decisions regarding delays and/or cancellations. The intention is to play the event on its scheduled day. On any uncompleted round if a reasonable number of holes (selected by the official on the day) have been completed by all players the result at this point may stand.

Illness and injury: If a player becomes ill or gets an injury and feels unable to complete the round they may leave the course but must leave their signed score card with their playing partners and return to the club house and report to the event organiser.

Safety: Please be aware of others near you at all times on the course and practice area. It is possible that you may get struck by a club or ball hit by someone else. Please note all participants, caddies and spectators participate and attend the event at their own risk, the Lee Westwood Golf Tour and host golf club do not take any responsibility for any injury caused weather own or someone else’s fault. Please use extreme caution and be mindful of how you or your actions may affect others in close proximity. While necessary precautions are taken to ensure everyone’s safety, it is critical that we all work together to provide a safe and fun environment for all in attendance.

Prizes: For Lee Westwood Golf Tour events in 2017 – prizes will be given out for performances in overall Gross and Nett at each event. All prizes are subject to numbers of players participating in each event and will increase with increased participation levels. Prizes are for both boys and girls.

The ‘Lee Westwood Golf Tour’ reserves the right to change the Rules & Regulations prior to or during any event the Lee Westwood Golf Tour also reserves the right to amend/change advertised prizes at any time.©


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