What is the format of play?

All events are medal competitions, with both Gross and Nett playing categories.

What playing categories are there?

All categories are decided by the players’ age on the 1st January in the year of competition.

Category 1: Under 21 - (must be 20 or under on the first of January 2017)
Category 2: Under 17 - (must be 16 or under on the first of January 2017)
Category 3: Under 21 – Girls (only) Gross - (must be 20 or under on the first of January 2017).

Secret Score Category: 5 holes will be randomly selected prior to the start of play (players will not be aware of which 5 holes until after completion of their round). The player with the best gross score on the 5 secret holes will qualify for the Grand Final. A little ‘twist’ to keep the interest of competitors, as even with a few bad holes you still may be able to qualify for the final.

Can I qualify for the tour final from one event?

Yes and you can play in as many events as you wish.

Where will the national final be held?

The Grand Final is to be held at Gainsborough Golf Club, home of PING’s European Custom Fitting Centre, 23rd & 24th of October.

Are Lee Westwood Golf Tour events qualifying events for handicap purposes?

Yes, all events are qualifying events under the rules and regulations of the R&A and the CONGU handicapping system. All players must supply a CHD number or equivalent for Scotland and Wales that can be used to regulate the events.

How long before my tee time do I have to be at the venue?

You need to register at the event 45 minutes before your tee time; this will allow you enough time to get prepared to play.

Will there be food available on the day?

Food is typically not included as part of the entry fee. Please contact us if you wish to find out whether food is included for any particular event.

Can I get a practice round?

Anyone wishing to have a practice round will need to contact the host golf club and enquire as to the availability, this will be at the discretion of the host golf club and may be subject to a green fee payment.

What is the cost of playing on the tour?

The cost per event can be found within the Join the Tour section of this website. If you qualify and are invited to the Players Tour Championship (National Final), the entry for the final is £45,which includes 3 rounds, prize table, and lunch on the final day.

Who looks after the events?

Each event will have a Lee Westwood Golf Tour team member at the venue. If you or someone you know is interested in helping the development of junior golf and volunteering for a Lee Westwood Golf Tour event, please contact us on 01565 830 444.

Is there a dress code?

Dress Code: All players, Parents, Spectators and Caddies are expected to dress professionally (like a tour player). Golf attire is expected, collared shirt and trousers and or skirt for girls. Short shorts, swimwear, denim of any kind, hooded tops, t-shirts and tank tops are not permitted. Players and caddies are expected to wear suitable shoes both on and off the course, with trainers not permitted. Additional to this – please respect each golf clubs own dress codes should there be any additions to the above.

How do I find out my tee time?

The draw for each event will be sent out to the competitors registered email address approximately a week prior to the event. The draw will also be posted on our Facebook and the tour website prior to play.

Are caddies allowed?

Yes – but under the following guide lines. Parents/ Caddies are there to help and guide in a non-intrusive non-coaching capacity. The Tour feels it is important for the development of a golfer to have some form of support on the course and caddies can also help with keeping a good pace of play.

Caddie/Parent Policy:

Caddies and Parents

  • Are encouraged to ensure all players have the correct equipment (14 clubs max), including golf shoes and waterproofs for each event
  • Are to ensure players have enough food and drinks for the duration of the round of golf
  • Are encouraged to ensure all players keep up with speed of play
  • Aid players with the rules of golf (R&A) where required (The Tour recommends that if a rule is required and no rules person or rules book is available the 2 ball rule is adopted. Where by a player plays 2 balls one from the original position and one following what is thought to be the correct procedure. Both balls scores are recorded and the rule can be clarified at the end of play by an official)
  • Aid players with bag transportation, flag attendance on the greens and ball searches
  • Provide no coaching, including lining and setting up will be permitted
  • Provide no help on yardages or club selections is permitted – players learn best from their own errors
  • Are to aid and encourage in, replacing divots, raking bunkers and repairing of pitch marks on greens and general golfing etiquette
  • Are encouraged to ensure each competitor is behaving as a LWGT player should
  • Are encouraged to report any unsportsmanlike like behaviour to the event organiser/volunteer or LWGT committee at the conclusion of play
  • Are encouraged to help all competitors in the search for golf balls
  • Are to be supportive and respectful of tour volunteers and golf club staff
  • Are encouraged to set a high standard of behaviour and integrity for all young players to look up to and aspire to
  • Are to enjoy watching/accompanying their son/daughter around the golf course

Are spectators allowed to watch?

Yes spectators are welcome. Spectator Policy: Only caddies and parents are permitted to accompany the players during play as stipulated above. All other supporters should remain a minimum of 50 yards away, with no interaction with players unless necessary e.g. in aiding the players find a golf ball, or if a player is injured or ill.

Will there be a presentation?

There will be a presentation at the conclusion of play, and when all the cards have been returned and checked. Prizewinners must attend the presentation in order to receive their prize. If you don’t attend the presentation you may not receive your prize. Anyone who is in a winning position and needs to leave the venue prior to the presentation will need to notify the event staff of this and a prize may be put aside at the discretion of the Tour.

What happens if the weather is bad and an event is cancelled?

Every effort will be made to re arrange the event if poor weather permits play, but if this cannot happen all players will be eligible for a refund for that event only. The fee paid for the event can also be carried forward to an alternative future event should you wish.

Is there a players code of conduct

Yes, please follow this link.


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